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Background about myself:

I was 25, graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in business & advertising and working at a Japanese auto parts supplier company in Michigan making $35K a year. I was broke and hated being stuck at my cubicle from 9 to 5 and only taking home $2100 per month after taxes.

Afer paying my rent, food & entertainment expenses, I was pretty much broke at the end of the month. What broke the camel’s back was after 2 years of working there, I got an annual salary raise of 5% which was the standard raise amount, which after taxes came out to be $60 increase in my monthly paycheck.

So I fervently began looking for another side hustle that could eventually replace my job.

I started with trying out few MLM business opportunities, which didn’t go so well for me and I didn’t really like the model of endlessly recruiting people into the same business opportunity including friends & family just so I can pay my bills every month.

I was looking for something much more passive, and ability to create multiple streams of income.

I started purchasing various internet marketing courses. I studied affiliate marketing, SEO, Facebook Ads, Funnels, Blogging, Email Marketing & More.

What really done the trick for me with my first breakthrough moment of actually making my first dollar online was with: Local Lead Gen

I still remember that day to this day, being able to produce a phone call online & getting paid for it.

It was when I realized that I could actually DO this online shit.

These days, I work from home running my own digital marketing agency that generates leads for local businesses across US.

I earn multiple 6 figures online, got a new car, got a new place(loft), take vacation days whenever I want, got a team of 6 that continues to move my business forward even while I’m on vacation, and most importantly now I freakin’ LOVE what I do.

I wake up everyday, excited to work because each & everyday I work I am increasing my monthly income by landing that new client or adding another flow to my multiple streams of income.

I have virtually no cap to my earning potential.

I now have my eyes set on becoming a millionaire before the age 30 and that path is very clear & realistic for me now.

My Destiny is in my hands now.

Now sharing the same business opportunity that changed my life.